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Introduction of the Beret History

Explore the Development of Beret, Pursue the latest Fashion Trend.

Referring to Beret, a picture is always emerged from you mind at once,  in   which a french women,wearing a sailor’s striped shirt and a beret goes to buy French baguettes. I believe that it is the first response for most of us.there is no doubt that the fashionable potentials on Beret is distinctive. Today ,publicity about Beret can be see everywhere, of course, lots of masters also doted on Beret.

One piece of Beret,One period of History

Berets, born in the province of Bethune, France. Berets have been a component of the uniforms of many armed forces throughout the world since the mid-20th century. Military berets are usually pushed to the right to free the shoulder that bears the rifle on most soldiers, but the armies of some countries, mostly Europe, South America and Iran have influenced the push to the left.Berets are in some countries particularly associated with elite units, who often wear berets in more unusual colors. Beret has gradually evolved into different colors and wear methods and also used by multinational forces throughout the world. Beret has undergone hardship before stepping into the circle of fashion.  Beret, with a flat top that equipped with a tip and  round outline, is made of wool felt. Nowadays,with varieties in colors and materials like fur,tannin,wool and cotton, more and more berets has been acknowledged by individuals around the world.

Because of the retro nature of the beret and its pure French style, designers are willing to turn it into a new matching and to forge a favourite in fashionIt has even take step into  Dior’s Fall and Winter Fashion Week from 2017-2018.


Be particular about matching










I have to admit that it takes some courage to match the beret hat. Might as well try to go back to the ancient route, choose the style of the college wear. But be careful not to be too outmoded and you would better add a few retro elements. For example, to break with the traditional matching and to combine with sports, urban or rock style is also  be regarded as a advisable choice. A suit of simple outfit add a beret can give you a brilliant display. Matching with a pair of jeans, a cashmere coat or lace blouse, a pair of high leather shoes or sneakers and a thick coat, Beret also add credits for your fashion.

What’s the ultimate accessory to complement all of those plaid blazers, minimalist turtlenecks, and slinky silk tops taking over your wardrobe this fall? The beret, of course. Bella Hadid (who really loves hats), shows that there’s nothing like pairing a beret with a pair of thick hoop earrings to add that certain to your look. And though this is obviously a stereotypical “French-girl” staple, you don’t have to go full-on Français with your look to sport one.





An Article Tells You the Story of a Beret

When it comes to berets, I believe military fans have seen them.

Today, military police and related organizations in many countries use them as standard hats.Personally, compared with many military caps, berets have the advantage of being easy to wear, folding, and accommodating, and the type of berets is not a single one, and it is more beautiful to wear. However, I would like to ask members a question. Although beret is common, how much do you know about its historical origin?


If you want to know more, please read further.

Originated in France

Berets in English as “Beret”, its history can be traced back to the 15th century. It is recorded that the shepherds of southwestern France liked to wear a dome made of brown wool at that time. What was the reason for this?

The hat is beautiful and practical, wearing it on the head to protect against the wind and rain, removing it to wipe sweat, or putting it on the ground as a cushion.By 1889, France’s Chasseurs Alpins Alps was firstly use berets as their own military caps.

The British Army is the most widely used.

Who first assigned the berets to the army on a large scale? That’s a British army.

During the World War I, British tank troops began looking for a new cap to replace the khaki cap. At that time, the tank is still a new things, the tank crew in a small space, wearing an old military cap, will affect their sights.

Over the next few years, British tanks found a beret made in black woolen is perfect. The beret rim is fitted with black leather and is tightened by a rope at the back of the head. The practical cap soon became famous in the army.

During the World War II,  berets had spread rapidly among the British armies. Different troops wear berets of different colors so as to distinct easily. The famous British special aircrew used a beret with a yellowish brown beret and a maroon beret for the airborne unit, which was the Red Devils unit in D-day airborne combat.


American armys green-flat cap

In fact, some US special forces have been used berets in bulk since 1950s.  In 1961, the green berets became the standard military cap in the Special Forces, and members of the Special Forces wore green berets to distinguish them from the rest of armies.

President John F. Kennedy was said to have helped a lot for recognition of beret  , considering that the green beret is one of the highest symbols of courage and achievement in the American military.”Later, the Army Special Forces of the US rapidly developed, “Green Berets” fame, become the synonyms of the Army Special Forces.

In the Vietnam War film “Green Berets,” all the members wear “Green flat hats.”After the Vietnam War, some units in the US Army and Air Force began to use berets. Since 2002, the military has decided to use black berets as the Army’s standard caps.

However, to change hats also caused a great uproar, what is the case?

Here’s the thing. According to the U. S. military dress code, the Army Rangers are black berets, Special Forces are green, Airborne are maroon, and black berets are considered elite caps. The army’s move to change its black berets has provoked resentment from veterans such as the Rangers, who believe that only elite troops are eligible to wear black berets.Therefore, they organized a campaign to save the black berets”. Veterans organized joint signatures and other operations, and handed over the signatures of tens of thousands of veterans to the then US President George W. Bush. Asking Bush to intervene in the Army’s decision.

Eventually, Army officials decided to formally use mud as a match for Army Rangers Berets in 2002, replacing the previous black berets. The Airborne Department continued to use chestnut berets, and special forces continued to use green berets. Other units wear black berets.

Do You Know the History about“Beret”?

Talking about berets, most of  us usually linked with a passionate and energetic military career. In fact, beret has nothing to do with the army, dating back to 15th century in France. Shepherds in the Pilois region of southwestern France generally wore a round Corn-less  caps called beret made of brown wool. The hat is handsome and practical, wearing it on the head to protect against the sun and rain,  to remove it you can wipe sweat, or to put it on the ground as a cushion.

Berets first appeared in the British army during the World War I. Whereas, berets were popular in the British and American armies during World War II.Since then,the British and American army firstly use the color of berets to distinguish the arms and has been accepted and followed by many countries among the rest of the world. As you know,the dark blue berets are one of the symbols of the UN peacekeeping forces and then the berets have become inextricably related to international humanitarian concerns.The paratroopers’ berets are red, the airborne crew’s berets are khaki and so on.


1916 witnessed the service of tank at the Battle of the Man River. Major General Hugh Hugh Elles, commander of the British tank force, puzzled with the officers’ hats.Infantry helmets and brims are too big to get in or out of tanks, and it is difficult to put their eyes on the periscope of tank. In 1917, when the British Tank Corps and the French Alpine Army named Chasseur Alpin, trained together, Elles found that the French berets is a good things for tanks. French beret is loose but firm, Elles also felt too feminine, so he made a compromise between the Basque Beret and the Scotch Bale, and designed the British tank beret, which was the beginning of the modern beret. Tank soldiers work in a greasy, less dirty black environment, so Elles designated the British tank army’s berets as black.

In 1924, British armored forces formally adopted black berets, and then, black berets have become “international standards” for armored berets including Nazi German armored forces.there are many folk berets are woolen, British berets are made of woolen fabric. Berets are soft hats without eaves. When they are not used, they can be folded up or even regimented. For example, it is more comfortable to wear berets when marching, and steel helmets can be hung around the waist. In a battle, soldiers fold up the berets and put them under the straps. It doesn’t matter if you don’t take up space. The Beret Hat is suitable for the needs of the modern war environment.